RadMD’s principals, Drs. Rick Patt and Kohkan Shamsi, have unique regulatory, clinical development, and research expertise on the use of medical imaging in clinical trials, and oversee the more than 600 RadMD experts worldwide.
Dr. Rick Patt
Dr. Patt is co-founder and principal in RadMD.  He has a broad prior experience in medical imaging: this includes research and development of contrast agents, therapeutic and medical device clinical development;  and in positions as both an academic and private practice radiologist.

After his fellowship at Georgetown University and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), he served as Chief of Body MRI, then Director of MRI, at Georgetown University Medical Center, where he was both an investigator and blinded reader in numerous pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials, and established now long-standing relationships in the clinical development industry.  He subsequently joined the US subsidiary of an international pharmaceutical company as Associate Director, Medical Imaging Clinical Development.  This was followed by a position as Director of Medical Imaging Clinical Development at Berlex Laboratories,where he:

  • managed an experienced team in all phases of clinical development of radiological contrast agents
  •  established co-development partnerships with other industry leaders and medical professional societies
  •  Developed and integrated a pharmacoeconomic master plan into the clinical development process.

Dr. Patt has also served as Medical Director for HealthHelp, a radiology management services organization. Since 2000, he has worked as an independent consultant with pharmaceutical and medical device companies on the incorporation of medical imaging into clinical development.  He has numerous publications, has served on an NCI Advisory Panel, is a reviewer for both major radiology journals, and has been an an invited lecturer across the US and Europe on the use of medical imaging in clinical trials.
Dr. Kohkan Shamsi
Kohkan Shamsi MD PhD, co-founder and principal of RadMD is a radiologist with extensive research experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has authored book and book chapter and published more than 80 full publications and abstracts in indexed journals.

Dr. Shamsi has over 15 years of experience in worldwide clinical development. He has spent approximately 5 years in Clinical Development of contrast agents at Schering AG, Berlin, Germany and 8 years in the USA, where he served as Head of Medical Development in the Diagnostic Imaging and Radiopharmaceuticals Business Unit at Berlex Inc.

During his tenure at Schering/Berlex, he has:

  • Submitted NDAs in Europe and NDAs in the USA, and assisted in NDA submissions in Japan
  • Conceptualized, coordinated, and executed over 25 multi-center, international clinical trials (phase I - phase IV) to develop new contrast agents for oncology imaging, CNS, Magnetic Resonance Angiography and cardiac imaging. These trials were performed in Europe, the USA, South America and Australia and Asia.
  • Supported launch of MRI contrast agents in Europe and other countries
  • Contributed towards development of guidelines for clinical development of contrast agents for FDA and EMEA
  • Developed innovative methodologies for independent evaluation (blinded reading) of the images acquired in clinical trials

Dr. Shamsi participates regularly in various scientific forums, meetings, initiatives for image standardization, image evaluations, and image management for drug development. He is regularly invited to chair/speak at national and international scientific meetings
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